No house is perfect. Even the best built and best maintained homes will always have a few items in less than perfect condition. Below are some of the items we most commonly find when inspecting a home:

Roofing Problems with installation of roofing materials are the single most common defect we find. Usually it doesnt mean the roof needs replaced, but rather that it is in need of maintenance or repair. Sometimes we find roofs that need total replacement. Tile roofs are particularly problematic.

Electrical hazards Most common in older homes, but often found in newer homes as well. Electrical hazards come in many forms, from ungrounded outlets to wiring done incorrectly by the homeowner. Many homeowner's insurance companies will not write policies on homes with older electrical systems.

Rotted wood Caused by being wet for extended periods of time, most commonly found on roof eaves and trim outside.

Water heater installations Many water heaters are not installed in full compliance with local plumbing codes.

Air conditioning installations Most systems are poorly installed. Many perform poorly. We commonly find leaking ductwork and evaporator coils covered with dirt and mold.

Plumbing defects Plumbing issues commonly found include dripping faucets, leaking fixtures, slow drains etc... Even in brand new homes, it is common to identify minor plumbing defects.